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lillianstrust > The Legend of Futian > Chapter 2433 - Lord Six Desires
Chapter 2433: Lord Six Desires

There was a divine mountain in Six Desires Heaven. It was located at its highest point. This divine mountain was constantly surrounded by ethereal mist, just like a celestial residence.

On the divine mountain, there were many celestial mansions. Among them, the one located in the highest place was bathing in divine light, encircled by an ethereal aura. In those mansions and palaces, many superb celestial figures were covered in divine light. There were also many stunning beauties whose glamor could not be described with words alone.

Here was the most powerful Holy Land in Six Desires Heaven—the Six Desires Heavenly Palace.

And inside Six Desires Heavenly Palace resided the most powerful cultivator of all Six Desires Heaven, and that was the Palace Lord of Six Desires Heavenly Palace—Lord Six Desires.

At this time, in the mist within the Six Desires Heavenly Place was the sound of music. Between the clouds and mist, many thinly-clad women danced gracefully. They wore white veils over their faces and dressed in long white dresses. One could tell that those veiled faces were exceptionally gorgeous.

More importantly, none of them were weak in cultivation.

In the heavenly palace high above, goddesses were dancing.

“All of you get out.” But at this moment, a voice came broke the silence. It sounded rather harsh. In an instant, the music stopped, and the women bowed and withdrew, leaving quickly. The powerful figures stood on both sides of the hall. They looked at the master of the heavenly palace, who was perched above the stairs, and all of them were quite puzzled by the sudden change in mood.

The Palace Lord of Six Desires Heavenly Palace wore a frown. A strange look flashed through his eyes. Someone below bowed and ventured, “My Lord, did something happen?”

Lord Six Desires glanced at the speaker, and a divine light shot out from his brow chakra. Immediately, an image appeared in front of him.

“Watch for yourselves,” Lord Six Desire said. Everyone’s attention was drawn by the moving imagery instantly. It seemed to depict an ongoing battle, the duration of which was extremely brief. The battle ended in a moment’s time with the demise of one of the two combatants.

However, the imagery shocked many who had gathered around, and their faces changed. They all knew the one who had fallen in the battle—it was the master of Motian Mountain—the Great Elder Motian.

Someone had slain him.

It turned out that this image depicted the exact battle between Ye Futian and the Great Elder Motian, which was also Great Elder Motian’s last moment.

What is that? everyone present stared at Ye Futian and wondered.

“The divine body. It was probably the divine body of a Great Emperor,” someone replied, causing the eyes of other cultivators to sharpen a bit. Could it really have been the divine body of a Great Emperor?

Their eyes turned to Lord Six Des

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