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Chapter 1505: Return

Even though she didn’t sleep last night, Fu Hui didn’t feel sleepy at all. She kept talking about what happened in the village.

She had suppressed her emotions for too long. There were too many things in her heart. If she didn’t say it out loud, she would drive herself crazy.

Ye Jian listened quietly and didn’t interrupt her. She knew that this strong girl needed to vent. Just like in her past life, she needed someone to help her when she was cornered.

“When you entered the village last night, did you see the two houses at the village entrance? That’s Chen Jiafu’s two elder brothers’ house. They are guarding the village entrance. If anything happens, they will inform the entire village immediately.”

“They raised four wolfhounds. The feeding matter was handed over to the entire village because Chen Jiafu said that these four wolfhounds were the guardian angels of the village. Isn’t it funny? The dogs have become ‘gods’ and often receive the worship of the villagers.”

Fu Hui, who revealed her thoughts one by one, gradually lost her composure. She was very relaxed in front of Ye Jian. It was as if she had found a close friend. She was not afraid of others so that she could speak her thoughts out loud.

Ye Jian raised her hand and gently wiped away the tears that flowed out from the corners of Fu Hui’s eyes. “A cult will always hurt the innocent. It will lead the villagers who were originally kind but didn’t know the law to the wrong path. They will go to the extreme and become the tools of the Chen family.”

“From this, it can be seen that our country didn’t do thorough and comprehensive law promotions in the remote mountain areas. As a country governed by law, the law must be implemented.”

Ye Jian never knew how to comfort other people, but her words always had a calming effect. Just a few sentences were enough to calm Fu Hui down.

Thus, Ye Jian changed the topic.

When she entered the village last night, she did see two houses at the intersection, but she didn’t hear any barking. After a while, she let out a sigh of relief and pursed her lips. Ye Jian asked, “Do you know when the four wolfhounds are active?”

It was better to do less to deal with wolfhounds, not to mention there were four of them.

“They will be locked up during the day. They will be released around seven at night. There are no chains on them. Someone in the village was bitten by them. The person who was bitten didn’t receive treatment. Chen Jiafu even said that he was possessed by an evil spirit, so he was bitten by the wolfhound.”

When these things were mentioned, Fu Hui’s emotions would fluctuate. Chen Jiafu’s words were not trustworthy at all. Yet, the entire village believed in him.

After Fu Hui finished speaking, Ye Jian narrowed her eyes slightly. Captain Xia and the rest definitely couldn’t enter the village directly from the village entrance. They could only sneak in f

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