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Chapter 855: Making Friends

“No need to thank me. It’s no biggie.” Xingyue Shen’er smiled proudly. Then she asked curiously, “Are you going to use those materials for training?”

She was quite curious. In her eyes, Su Ping was already at the upper limit of the Fate State; it would be impossible for him to make further improvements without advancing to a higher level.

“Yes, to polish my body.”

Su Ping nodded, not being secretive about it; after all, she had just done him a big favor.

“That explains a lot…” Xingyue Shen’er was even more surprised. Did Su Ping want to reach the limits in every aspect? She sensed that he already had an ocean of astral power inside his body. It was immensely larger and purer than that of many in the Star State.

Su Ping also wants to achieve the best condition in body tempering?

Her eyes glittered; she secretly remembered the materials Su Ping asked her to find; she could later try to figure out what technique required them.

She wasn’t maliciously trying to figure this out; she was merely curious about the body-tempering technique that Su Ping practiced.

“So, it seems that your combat ability can further improve…” Xingyue Shen’er didn’t know what to say, as Su Ping was already a genius among geniuses. He truly had a chance of winning the finals.

Su Ping gave her a slight nod. He was thinking about the Illusionary God Monument Mysterious Realm; he was currently only missing one material for the third level of the Solar Bulwark.

Should I start looking for the fourth level materials?

He could already turn into a little Golden Crow while in the second level of the Solar Bulwark!

He would be a young Golden Crow in the third level, and his body would be as hard as a Star State demon.

Demons were definitely the sturdiest of all creatures in their rank; nobody in the Star State would be able to hurt him, according to the cultivation system that humankind had established.

That is, unless a Star Lord stepped in and attacked him with the power of faith, which was on another level.

On the other hand, the fourth level of the Solar Bulwark would be as good as that of a Star Lord!

He would have the ability to suppress many Star Lords with his physical strength once a minor universe of the Golden Crows was born in his body!

The more he thought about it, the more tempted he became. He then told Xingyue Shen’er about the materials he needed for the fourth level of the Solar Bulwark after some deliberation.

He wanted more of her help.

He wasn’t worried that she might steal the technique from him after learning the list of materials; the materials themselves only worked as support for his training. Only he had the method for the Solar Bulwark. Even taking the materials hundreds of times would be in vain without the method.

Was it possible that she could infer his technique based on the materials?

Su Ping wasn’t at all anxious; he had learned from the

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