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Chapter 1795: Settle the bill

Just when Yuan Yan felt that he was going to be completely smothered by darkness, that feeling suddenly disappeared. He recovered and saw Sima You Yue stretch out her hands and cover Blacky’s eyes.

“Blacky, I don’t want you anymore if you aren’t going to be obedient!” She said softly, and Blacky’s oppressive aura suddenly relaxed, and it became the appearance of a stupid little black dog again.

The aura just now seemed to have never existed.

Yuan Yan touched his forehead, the cold sweat mixed with the cold pool water, made him shiver unconsciously.

Mo Zhi looked at Blacky, with undisguised exploration in his eyes.

Sima You Yue ignored the doubts and shocks of the two and smiled: “Well, it should be a treasure at the bottom. My Little Dog has a better nose, so I ran over. Cough, don’t worry, it won’t rob you.”

Yuan Yan nodded in a daze, “This thing is needed by my clan and it is also the purpose of coming to Vast City, so I can’t give it up.”

“It doesn’t matter, it belongs to whoever found it.” Sima You Yue felt that Yuan Yan seemed to be too easy to talk, and she didn’t know if he was frightened by the look in Blacky’s eyes. “The water is cold, do you want to come out first?”

Mo Zhi and Yuan Yan came out of the water. The two mobilized their spirit power, and the water on their bodies was quickly dried.

Sima You Yue took a piece of dried meat and teased Blacky, Little Purple slept in Little Dream’s arms, and the sun was shining on them, it was a very warm scene.

Mo Zhi walked over, looked at Blacky, who was no different from a normal underworld dog, and said, “You underworld dog is really special.”

“Is it special? It’s alright, it’s just that some places have evolved.” Sima You Yue chuckled and changed the subject away: “I’m very curious about what treasure you found. If I guessed correctly, it should be a type of medicinal herb.”

“It is indeed a medicinal herb.” Mo Zhi nodded, and he didn’t plan to say more about the matters involving the Yuan Clan.

Sima You Yue smiled and continued to play with Blacky.

Yuan Yan came over and asked, “Why did you come here?”

“I heard that there are a lot of medicinal materials here, so I want to try my luck and see if I can find any rare ones.” Sima You Yue explained, “but after searching a lot, I didn’t find any rare medicinal materials.”

“He he. There are not many medicinal materials here.” Mo Zhi and Yuan Yan both laughed when they heard her. “Although human traces are rare here, they are not suitable for the growth of medicinal materials. In addition to the large number of spirit beasts, only a few survived .”

“So that’s the case, no wonder I was wondering why I didn’t see any good medicinal materials!” Sima You Yue suddenly realized. In that case, she didn’t need to stay here anymore.

“We found what we were looking for, and we are ready to go back. Are you coming with us?” Yu

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