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lillianstrust > The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss > Chapter 1317 - Sealed Off (5)
Chapter 1317: Sealed Off (5)

“We’ve sent someone to keep watch, but it has been five days and there’s still no news. It is said that the city lord already feels that we are lying and has already removed the elves guarding the entrance of the trading house.” The elves of the Moonshine Tribe wanted to cry. They were just doing honest business.

Who would have expected such a thing to happen?

It was hard to believe.

She possessed a large number of gems from the Brilliance Continent, and the other party was an underage elf. Furthermore, the one they mentioned was a mythical beast…

It had to be known that magical beasts had the best relationship with humans. It was no wonder that the city lord found the words of the Moonlight Elves hard to believe.

“Do you know what that mythical beast is?” Shen Jing was rather curious. The relationship between mythical beasts and elves was rather delicate. Magical beasts could sign a contract with humans, but they minded their own business with the elves. Both sides were lukewarm, and he had never seen an elf and a magical beast getting too close.

“Yue Shi, tell us.” The older elf shouted.

The one who was called out was one of the elves in charge of the Moonshine Trading House. He walked to the edge of the cage and looked at Shen Jue. “I’m not sure of his true form, but he has the appearance of a child after he transforms. He is very petite with scarlet hair and scarlet eyes. There is also a flame mark between his brows. He has a bad temper and is somewhat arrogant.”

Yue Shi tried hard to recall information about Vermilion Bird. That mythical beast would always leave after collecting the money and would never talk nonsense with them.

Shen Jing listened carefully and the more he listened, the more he felt that the mythical beast described by Yue Shi was ‘familiar’.

A child’s appearance? A petite figure? Scarlet hair, scarlet eyes, fiery mark?

And the arrogant personality…


Why did he think of Vermilion Bird of their family the more he listened?

After Vermilion Bird signed the contract with Shen Yanxiao, Shen Jing had met Vermilion Bird twice. As for this guardian beast of the Vermilion Bird Family, Shen Jing had always kept a respectful distance.

Other than his better attitude towards Shen Yanxiao, as for the rest of the family members, the Vermilion Bird had always had his chin facing them.

“It shouldn’t be him, right… Shouldn’t he be by Xiaoxiao’s side right now…” Shen Jing touched his chin and felt that he must have thought too much.

Vermillion Bird always followed Shen Yanxiao. Wherever Shen Yanxiao was, was where Vermillion Bird was at.

Shen Yanxiao was still far away in the Brilliance Continent, so how could she possibly appear here?

Furthermore, his niece clearly had the appearance of a human. How could she be that little elf?

He must have thought too much!

The elves of the Moonshine Tribe looked at Shen Jing with a c

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