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Chapter 2091: Fainted

When he thought of her forceful methods, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile. She would probably be the only person who would be able to do such a thing. Did his grandfather know about her temperament when he accepted her as his disciple back then?

Upon thinking of his grandfather, there was an unspeakable feeling in his heart. On one hand, he had finally attained news of what his grandmother had asked him to inquire about. On the other hand, he felt regretful that he could only learn about his grandfather through her words.

He knew that his father had never forgotten this incident. What would happen if his father had learnt of this incident?

At the same time in the Heavenly Pill Tower building in Hundred Rivers City, at the corner of the first floor.

“Leng Hua, do you think that there’s something not quite right with Xiao Er recently?” Du Fan asked Leng Hua beside him and motioned for him to look at the figure in front of them.

“What do you mean?” Leng Hua looked at the ledger in his hand and asked without raising his head.


Du Fan took the ledger away from his hands and put it under his arm and said: “Previously she was always by your side and always called you Brother Leng Hua. But now she seems to be treating you as if you are transparent, don’t you think that’s weird? Also, have you noticed? She looked like she’s lost a lot of weight recently too and her face also looks pale. Don’t tell me that she took what I said last time to heart and she’s made herself sick?”

Du Fan couldn’t help but felt a little worried. Miss Xiao Er is quite likeable, and she was kind-hearted and frank. As the beloved daughter of a family clan, she didn’t have any airs at all and treated people with sincerity. Although she still smiled everyday, he felt that her smile looked a little sad.

Upon hearing that, Leng Hua looked at the busy girl in front and saw that she had indeed lost a lot of weight. Her originally rounded face now had a pointed chin and her face seemed a little pale. She didn’t look as happy as she did before.

“I will talk to her later.” Leng Hua said.

“Alright, when she is going to go home, tell her to go to the back courtyard. I will come along too. Maybe my words were too harsh last time.” Du Fan sighed lightly and felt a little guilty. She was such a good girl, if she had really taken his words to heart and became depressed, Master would surely skin him alive when she returned.

However, while the two of them were talking, they suddenly heard an exclamation in front.

“Xiao Er, Xiao Er? What’s wrong with you?”

The two of them looked to the front and saw the busy Xiao Er had suddenly fainted. Fortunately, a medicine attendant beside her supported her before she could fall to the ground. When they saw this, they stepped forward quickly.

“Just look! I told you that something is wrong with her. Now something has happene

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