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lillianstrust > The Schoolgirl Secret Agent > Chapter 850 - A Foreign Student. Meeting Lawson Again
Chapter 850: A Foreign Student. Meeting Lawson Again

Yun Jian was slightly surprised when she saw Ning Lanlan.

When they had the barbecue by the Nilong River and she came to borrow some salt, it was nothing more than a fateful encounter in their trip. More often than not, people did not meet again after that.

One met a lot of people in their life but eight or nine out of ten people were just passersby. There was usually no possibility of meeting most passersby again.

Therefore, Yun Jian was a little bewildered when she saw Ning Lanlan again. Despite that, she calmed down right after.

“What a coincidence.” Having a rather good impression of Ning Lanlan, Yun Jian greeted her with a smile.

“Are you here for the competition alone too?” Ning Lanlan walked over and asked in delight when she saw that Yun Jian did not have friends around her.

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded.

Apparently, Ning Lanlan was alone in participating in the foreign languages competition. Girls usually liked going around with company, so did Ning Lanlan. When she heard that Yun Jian was here alone as well, she was struck with delight because she could tag along with Yun Jian as the latter had no companion too.

“Right, I didn’t ask for your name the last time,” Ning Lanlan asked directly when she remembered it since she was straightforward in her personality.

“It’s Yun Jian,” Yun Jian answered.

“Yun Jian.” Ning Lanlan repeated and looked at Yun Jian enviously to tell her, “Yun Jian, you have such a nice name! Can I call you Jianjian?”

Yun Jian raised a brow hearing Ning Lanlan call her Jianjian. She thought about Chen Xinyi immediately. The girl calls her Jianjian as well.

“Sure,” Yun Jian replied softly.

“Mn!” Ning Lanlan nodded in thrill.

After getting to know Ning Lanlan, the girl stood next to Yun Jian. It was when the competition was about to begin that she left Yun Jian reluctantly.

“Jianjian, I’ll go report in myself first. I’ll see you again after the contest!” After a short exchange with Yun Jian, Ning Lanlan realized that she clicked with her, so she made sure to remind Yun Jian that she would see her again even when she was rushing off for the assembly.

Yun Jian thought that Ning Lanlan was quite interesting. In addition to her good impression of Ning Lanlan in the beginning, Yun Jian nodded at her with a smile after hearing what she said.

After Ning Lanlan left, Yun Jian and others grouped up as well for briefing.

“I heard that a foreign student will be here to judge later. Do your best. We don’t aim for first. It’s enough if our school could win second place,” the female teacher announced standing in front of the students.

It was an encouragement before the competition. The reason the teacher had said that they were not aiming for the first but second place was enough was because Foreign Languages High School was participating.

The strength of Foreign Languages High School was foreign languages

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