K4uthor Sailing and Explore The Sea
Just one piece fan fiction with men's dream spices. Nah, I write it from the phone app. So, don't expect to get good quality and quantity. I'm really away from the keyboard.
Chiznin Adrift
It seems a little pointless to write a diary when the world has, in a sense, ended. When I die it will simply drift about. When I die, how long will it be before my journal is found? When I die, will this diary die with me?
creativewritting The Rebellion of The Sky
Humans have conquered the homeworld of the Sky and treat them with utter disdain. Yet a set twin brothers strive in different ways to transform how the Sky are treated. One seeks rebellion and the other reform from within. But when a protest goes wrong the twins must deal with the consequences. (note: this is a completed short story)